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Multiple records broken as the best track & field athletes impress at the 2nd GEMS Athletics Cup

GEMS Athletics Cup - GEMS Sports Series

More than 750 athletes from 18 GEMS schools across the UAE, competed in various track and field disciplines in the 2nd GEMS Athletics Cup at the GEMS Modern Academy. The event took place from 9th to 12th April 2018.

With it being one of the top competitions in the GEMS Sports Series, it certainly provided some outstanding individual displays with several new records being set across the U-10, U-12, U-14 and U-16 age groups for both boys and girls. The GEMS Athletics Cup 2018 was a success with participants showcasing remarkable and consistent performances throughout all events, which included Races (100m, 200m and 600/800m), High Jump, Long Jump, Shot Put and Relays.

Host venue GEMS Modern Academy bettered their performance from last year, as the school’s promising athletes won first place in 3 age-group categories - U-10 (Boys), U-16 (Boys) and U-12 (Girls). They were followed by Our Own High School Al Warqaa who won gold in the U-14(Boys) and U-12 (Boys) age-group.

Setting new records was the highlight of the GEMS Athletics Cup, as there were as many as 53 new tournaments and venue records broken. Gabriella (GEMS Winchester School Jebel Ali) was one of the highlights in the U-10 category as she broke the tournament record in the 100m race. Krishna’s (The Millenium School, Dubai) best throw in Shot Put was good for 6.68m and guaranteed her a gold medal. The throw bettered the previous school record of 4.75m set by Skye (Jumeirah Primary School) in 2016.

Aditya (GEMS Modern Academy) impressed with his performance in the U-12 Long Jump with a record-breaking distance of 4.4m. Mathew (Our Own High School, Al Warqaa) won the 600/800m race with a new personal and event best time of 1:45.77. In the girl's U12 category, Jenima (GEMS Modern Academy) finished first and broke the record in the 60/100M Hurdles with a time of 11.08 beating last year’s record of 11.27.

Olivier (GEMS Wellington Academy, Silicon Oasis) took home the victory in the U-14 with 1.51m in the High Jump event, beating the previously held record at 1.4m. While Emilia (GEMS Wellington International School, Dubai) won in the U-14 600/800m race in a time of 2:51.90 smashing the previous record with a time of 3:10.08.

In the U16 age-group, athletes from GEMS Winchester Jebel Ali and GEMS Modern Academy finished 1-2 in the U-16 400m Relay. Saad (Our Own High School, Fujairah) won the 200m race in a record time of 25.24 with Danny (Our Own High School, Al Warqaa) not far behind with a time of 26.72.

The overall points table shifted constantly through the tournament, showing every participant's commitment to winning a medal for their school. Here are the schools with most points in each age category:

U10 (Boys): GEMS Modern Academy - 32 Points 

U10 (Girls): GEMS Jumeirah Primary School - 29 Points 

U12 (Boys): Our Own High School, Al Warqaa – 47 Points

U12 (Girls): GEMS Modern Academy - 35 Points

U14 (Boys): Our Own High School, Al Warqaa – 45 Points 

U14 (Girls): The Millennium School Dubai – 34 Points 

U16 (Boys): GEMS Modern Academy – 41 Points 

U16 (Girls): The Winchester School, Jebel Ali – 49 Points 

Participants at the GEMS Athletics Cup were extremely competitive but did not fail to express humility about how much they still have to learn about their sport. Although there might be exceptions to the rule, athletes of all ages were characteristically respectful toward their opponents, understanding that their skills propel them to higher performance levels.  Meanwhile, boosting up the morale of the athletes was their supportive classmates and parents in the crowd.

This year, the GEMS Athletics Cup success was highlighted by the feedback it received – with the head coach from GEMS Modern Academy saying “The GEMS Athletic Cup provides our children with an opportunity to exhibit their skills and pit their talents against some of the best young athletes in the UAE. It taught the participant to value sportsmanship that is a feature of the Athletics Cup 2018. Winning this meet was indeed a humbling experience for our athletes and was the culmination of all those practice sessions that they had put in.  The GEMS Sports Series have exposed our athletes to professional training techniques all the while attempting to inculcate within them a humility and appreciation of the spirit of these sports. Personally, I think this is an opportunity that no one should miss! We extend our gratitude to the Managing Director of ESM for the opportunity”.

James Bowring, Managing Director, ESM said “From last year when we set the standard for this event it is wonderful to see so many athletes committing to their training programmes in school and at their clubs to be better. So many PB’s smashed and GEMS records broken this year is what the GEMS Sports Series is all about and we can’t wait until next year! It was also great to see new schools entering teams and new faces getting their spikes on with many newcomers winning medals.”

GEMS Education would like to thank event partner ESM Events, and our sponsors Monviso and iPro Sports Drink for their ongoing support of this event. The prize ceremony was once again exciting and fun with Chris McHardy, the voice of sports in the UAE, who was the emcee for the GEMS Athletics Cup 2018.


             GEMS Athletics Cup New Scores 2018

  Event 100M 
U10GMA13.96WIN  15.20
U12OOW12.66NMS 13.79 
U14OOW11.81WSO 13.1 
U16WIN11.29MTS 12.75 
     Event 200M
 U10 GMA30.14  MTS 32.44
U12 OOW 26.72 WIS 29.92 
U14 OOF 25.24 TMS 27.89 
U16 WIN 23.18 MTS 26.63 
Event 600/800M     
 U12 OOW 1.45.77 JPS 2.02.62
U14 WIS 2.19.18 WIS 2.51.90 
U16 OOW 2.16.09  -
Event 60/100 Hurdles     
 U12 OOW 10.12 GMA 11.08
U14 OOW 15.62 WIS 20.13 
U16  - -WIN 17.59 
Event 400 Relay     
 U10 GMA 1.00.86 GMA1.05.89 
U12 OOW 54.89 
U14 OOW 48.73 TMS 57.88 
U16 OIS 47.73 WIN 55.96 
Event Long Jump     
 U10 GMA 4.02 M - -
U12 GMA 4.44 M  - -
U14 OOW 5,59 M TMS4.13 M 
U16 GMA 5.69 M WIN 4.58 M 
Event High Jump     
 U10 JPS 1.21 M JPS1.11 M 
U12 GMA1.38 MJPS 1.23 M 
U14 WSO 1.51 M 
U16 CIS 1.65 M WSO 1.45 M 
Event Shot put     
 U10 RDS 7.95 M TMS 6.68 M
U12 OOW  8.93 MTMS 6.58 M 
U14 WIS 12.20 MCIS 8.19 M 
U16--WIN7.02 M