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GEMS Modern Academy Rises High

The GEMS Sports Series 2017-2018 has seen phenomenal performances from various GEMS Schools, Non-GEMS Schools, and even an International School. It is the immense passion for sports of these young people, that have accumulated in the series hosting involving 5000 participants.

With the competition so intense, the GEMS Modern Academy outshone the series, by achieving 20 trophies overall, (including eight trophies in Athletics, five in Swimming, three in Football and three in Cricket), ranking GEMS Modern Academy at the top, the highest among the 46 schools.

In a special awards assembly held on 26th September at the GEMS Modern Academy, the school acknowledged the kids' performance, especially of  9-year-old, Ansh Oberoi, who is not only the highest achiever in his school; but also the highest achiever in the entire GEMS Sports Series 2017-2018. Ansh stood up on the stage as a pride for his school and family, as the only student to achieve 4 gold medals. In an interview with Chris McHardy, he humbly gave credits to his teachers who helped him train during his early morning sessions

The assembly ended with the kind words of Principal Ms. Nargish Khambatta, who went on to congratulate all the students and say," It a good thing that all the athletes are grateful to their teacher and give them credits, but it is equally important for students to take credits for their own achievements". She also expressed her sincere gratitude towards the teachers and parents for their dedication; and ESM for their continuous support.

We congratulate GEMS Modern Academy on their huge round of success and wish them the best in the upcoming 2018-2019 series.