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About GEMS Sports Series

The GEMS Sports Series is a sports platform launched by GEMS Education, in partnership with ESM (East Sports Management), to benefit students throughout the entire network of GEMS schools and to the wider community. The GEMS Sports Series offers GEMS school’s athletic programs an opportunity to improve their team’s ability to succeed across multiple sports disciplines and showcase their talents on the big stage.

Being the first of its kind for GEMS Education, the main objectives of the GEMS Sports Series are to provide a selection of championships, which offer a truly competitive, inclusive and active platform for students from all backgrounds, by going head to head against their peers in a variety of sports. The sports series will also help school grown athletes perform better on their development pathway.

By working with ESM | East Sports Management, specialist Technical Partners and GEMS PE Teachers, the GEMS Sports Series will offer 4000+ opportunities to participate and will award 800 medals across a spectrum of ages.

Last year’s GEMS Sports Series saw 2,159 athletes compete from across 21 schools with 896 medals being awarded.


Bigger Than Ever 

The highly anticipated 3rd season of the GEMS Sports Series is expected to be bigger and better than ever before. The GEMS Sports Series will now be even more inclusive as this season will be open to schools outside the network as well.

While the sports series continues to see an increase in the number of players year on year, the sports series will look to add more sports to the calendar to support the increased appetite within the schools. In addition to Triathlon, Football, Swimming, Basketball, Tennis, Cricket, Netball and Badminton, sports such as Karate, Gymnastics, Special Olympics and Fun Run will be included in this year’s edition.