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UPDATE | GEMS Triathlon 2017-18

Due to road closures across Dubai on the day and numerous requests from schools & parents, the GEMS Sports Series announced today that the GEMS Triathlon will be postponed to February 9th 2018.

The event, which was scheduled for February 2nd, has been delayed for a week to the following Friday when the roads are more accessible and convenient for all our participants and families.

GEMS Triathlon organizers said the shutting down of city roads due to other major events would cause an inconvenience to all and would hamper the family experience the GEMS Triathlon is known to offer for the past 4 years. The sentiments were even voiced by the larger community of schools, professional and amateur athletes who’ve made these events the spectacle they are known for.  


Anyone who already registered for the triathlon, your entry will stand and if you cannot make the 9th February we are truly sorry. We will refund the money to you if you are unavailable and you must request this as per the terms and conditions set by Hopasports. 

Please visit for more information and any queries email